Oracy Workshops

As More Oracy offers in-person and virtual workshops, we can provide schools with the flexibility to make our Workshops complement your schools blended learning and timetable requirements. Typically, More Oracy workshops are half a day, with up to 16 students, and we usually work with two groups in one day, per trainer. Each trainer costs £360 for the whole day, delivering with two groups or £240 for half a day with one group.  However, we can also offer plenty of flexibility to complement your school’s blended learning and timetable requirements. 

More Oracy Courses

More Oracy for Confidence

More Oracy for Confidence is a masterclass at getting students to step up and speak in front of their peers. This scaffolded Workshop enables students to practice the skills required to speak in front of their peers with confidence in a safe learning environment. Reflecting on group work, storytelling, and sharing their opinions in an open forum – More Oracy for Confidence can enable students who historically fade into the background to have a voice and engage in their education.

More Oracy for Interviews

More Oracy for Interviews enables students to reflect on their experiences and promote their skills. This scaffolded Workshop is aimed at years 11-13. It will give students the confidence to tackle the virtual and in-person interviews they will experience as they enter their next chapter into higher education or the world of work. This Workshop will give students the planning skills and confidence to believe in themselves and aspire when applying for higher education and jobs.

More Oracy for Teachers

More Oracy for Teachers is appropriate for all staff but aimed at Early Career Teachers such as Recently Qualified, Newly Qualified, and Trainee Teachers, particularly those whose training was hindered by the COVID 19 pandemic. This workshop will give teachers practical ideas to increase their confidence and enhance student progress by introducing More Oracy into their online and in-person classrooms. It focuses on teacher delivery, student engagement, and positive behaviour management. Many line managers also find this course useful, as it gives ideas for a whole school, consistent approach to oracy. This workshop is particularly popular as a twilight session. 

Contact us to enquire or book

More Oracy workshops cost approximately £15 per student based on a 2-hour workshop with 12-16 students. Workshops cost less than £15 per student when booking more than one workshop. Each workshop is bespoke to compliment your establishment’s requirements, so please get in touch for a quote based on your school requirements.