More Oracy Testimonial

I invited 'More Oracy' into our school twice (Archbishop Holgate's in York) with Year 10 students who really lacked confidence and resilience in speaking in public. We planned this intervention to take place before the AQA GCSE Spoken language endorsement planned for the following month, which had a huge impact. I was stunned at how the trainer coaxed some of our most reluctant speakers into standing up and sharing information in a group in a matter of hours. The session was so carefully scaffolded with various fun tasks that the students didn't even realise they were public speaking. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend 'More Oracy' as an intervention tool for any school or institution that needs support in developing oracy skills.

We booked 'More Oracy for Interviews' to cover content as part of our Careers in Sport Unit. The Trainer was amazing, taking a complicated process and broke it down with loads of helpful tips relevant to the student's assignment and applications (UCAS / Job) in the future. Communication was excellent, the workshop was tailored to suit our needs, and the students made fantastic progress!

Very positive and encouraging, good pace, excellent response to individual needs and reading the room to keep students motivated and engaged.

Very engaging and lots of good advice. Great to watch students gained confidence over the course of the session.

All students positively engaged in all the activities, demonstrating excellent progress.

All the students were fully engaged and took part in all the activities. We will be looking to have a follow up with the same group to build on the work done today.

10 out of 10! The course was very relevant for teachers, touching on essential aspects of the oracy concept. The Trainer demonstrated well what oracy is all about: humour, good elocution, a trusting tone, personal anecdotes, connecting with your audience and making the workshop interactive.

Students responded great, listened, stood out of their comfort zone, and spoke with lots of confidence.

Mike has a fantastic way of engaging with the students and helping them respond confidently. It was so good that after watching him, I contacted a member of SLT to encourage future visits.

The Trainer had a great rapport with the students and a natural positive behaviour management style. Students were engaged and interested throughout.

This was a great opportunity to reflect on just how vital oracy is in our classrooms. The workshop is not only great value, but a profitable way to spend two hours learning about strategies to effectively eliminate, or manage, some of the barriers that face our students.

Thank you for today. It was extremely helpful. The trainers delivery was great, very professional and relevant.

The More Oracy CPD was really good. I have thanked my line manager for organising it and writing down techniques that will benefit our students.

I really liked how the Trainer gave examples related to practical and acadedmic lessons such as PE and typical classroom examples. The session was well organised and to the point. The session is very useful for trainee teachers and NQT's.

Enthusiastic and supportive delivery ensured that the students enjoyed the workshop and gained lots from it. A variety of tasks meant that students remained engaged and focused throughout. It was very successful – thank you!

Michael had an excellent way with my students. He built their confidence in a way that those students who never talk in class - were happy too!

A safe, comfortable atmosphere allowed students to build confidence – Mike quickly built up a positive relationship with the group. In addition, tasks enabled students to make progress and self-assess.

Michael engaged really well with the cohort, with quick and high-impact activities that developed the confidence of all students. Very energetic, has good content and a fast-paced presentation. Good fit to subjects studied.

Students were really engaged and found value in the workshops. The trainers were excellent at building confidence!

A really motivational up beat workshop. I would highly recommend this organisation. Communication before the event was very good and the speaker really tailored the workshop to the pupils' individual needs. All made progress and good use of humour!

Michael from More Oracy came to Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth to deliver a session to our early career teachers on presentation in the classroom including communication and presence. This was incredibly well received and we look forward to working with him again.

A fantastic two day event at Parkwood E-ACT academy, the pupils confidence grew massively throughout the course of the day! Would definitely use again!

Students really engaged in the content and were more confident in speaking. Even EAL students with additional language barriers were able to able to engage and complete speeches fully. Brilliant session!

Students were extremely engaged. Some students who would never stand up in lessons stood up and spoke in front of their peers. It was really interesting with students learning lots of new skills.

The students were very engaged and really enjoyed it! Students were empowered and keen to get involved. The structure really helped them.

The training was inspiring! The Trainer really engaged and encouraged the students throughout the whole workshop. It was fantastic to watch the progress of students who would usually be too shy to speak up in a classroom.

An interactive and engaging session. It gave me a lot of techniques to trial with my classes both in and out of the classroom environment. Mike at More Oracy gave me a wealth of information which was practical and easy to put in place in our classrooms. Mike is approachable and helpful. I would 100% recommend.

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More Oracy workshops cost approximately £15 per student based on a 2-hour workshop with 12-16 students. Workshops cost less than £15 per student when booking more than one workshop. Each workshop is bespoke to compliment your establishment’s requirements, so please get in touch for a quote based on your school requirements.