More ​ Oracy​ Confidence Skills Aspiration

Oracy Workshops

building confidence, skills and aspiration

More ​ Oracy​ Confidence Skills Aspiration

Oracy Workshops

building confidence,
skills and aspiration

An Oracy Intervention!

Created and led by experienced practitioners, More Oracy offers high-quality intervention to increase students’ confidence, skills, and aspirations. Within the More Oracy collection of workshops, you will find targeted programs for students aged 11 to 19, in addition to a workshop specifically for Early Career Teachers.



More Oracy
for Confidence

Students need confidence to engage in education

More Oracy
for Interviews

Planning for virtual and in-person interviews

More Oracy
For Teachers

Feel confident in the classroom

Why More Oracy?

Why More Oracy?​

Changing Lives

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential ingredient to both success in school and beyond. Our Oracy Workshops aim to develop communication skills and align with Ofsted’s recommendations. Effective Oracy is crucial for success in education and the workplace.  We believe, More Oracy workshops can directly impact students’ progress, engagement, and social mobility. 

An Intervention​​

The pandemic has widened the language gap across all ages, with 44% of teachers agreeing that school closures have had a particularly harmful impact on the spoken language development of students eligible for pupil premium. Our intervention offers hope for these students, emphasising confidence, social interaction and wellbeing. We have been instrumental in schools recovery curriculum plans and Covid 19 Catch-up Premium.

About Us

About US

Hello! My name is Michael Doody, and I am the founder of More Oracy, I am an extremely experienced teacher and passionate Oracy advocate. I was in the teaching profession for over 12 years, working in both private and state schools, with four years as an Oracy specialist delivering high impact intervention. More Oracy Workshops are an intervention that I believe can make a real difference to students’ lives in and beyond the classroom.

All our passionate trainers are qualified teachers, each with years of experience teaching and working directly with students via Oracy interventions. We are all registered on the online update DBS service and have up to date safeguarding certificates.

Contact us to enquire or book

Contact us to enquire or book

Our Workshops allow flexibility so we can target the cohorts you want to create an intervention for. Although typically, we work with Secondary School Pupil Premium students. Workshops cost approximately £400 for a one-day intervention. 

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